Bare’em already has a rich track record of two major productions and hundreds of performances locally and internationally:


  • Hakaya Festival, Amman 2014 
  • Amman, 2013 
  • Copenhagen, Denmark، 2009
  • UAE (Abu Dhabi & Sharja) 2007
  • US Tour (4 cities) 2006
  • Amman, (2 performances) 2006
  • US Tour (3 cities) 2005
  • Represented Palestine in Beirut at the UNESCO conference, 2004.
  • Represented Palestine in Qatar Summer Wonders  Festival Of Fun 2003.
  • Represented Palestine in New Modania Festival in Greece, 2002.
  • Represented Palestine in its first international appearance, at the Internationales Folkloriques Enfantine de Saint-Maixent L’Ecole festival in France, in 2001.
  • Performed before audiences of all ages in several Palestinian cities, most notably in the Palestine International Festival held in Birzeit and Ramallah.
  • Performed in the April Blossoms children’s festival, held in Ramallah in 1995, before thousands of children who came from areas throughout the West Bank. Many of those children had never until then seen a live dance performance.
  • Several of its members teach dabke to other children in community centers and schools.
  • Opening of the first production “Palestinian Vista”, Fall 2002
  • Opening of the second production “ Raqsit Shamis”, Summer  2006