6 Second In Ramallah 2011

6 Seconds in Ramallah is an international collaboration with dancers, musicians, actors and visual artists under the direction of Yoshiko Chuma (The School of Hard Knocks USA/Japan). The project is a joint production between El Funoun and members of Root Culture, an artistic collective based in Kamakura in Japan, dedicated to the development of traditional and contemporary Japanese art forms, as well as dancer/choreographer Ryuji Yamaguchi, a Japanese artist living and working in Jordan for the past four years. Traditional and contemporary performing and visual artists from Japan include vocalist/composer Sizzle Ohtaka and violinist/composer Aska Kaneko.

Concept/Director/Choreographer: Yoshiko Chuma
Assistant Directors: Noora Baker, Ryuji Yamaguchi
Choreography: El Funoun Dance Troupe and The School of Hard Knocks|