Images Remembered 2009

El Funoun 2009 dance performance constitutes a new artistic and exquisite expression employing innovative ideas and dance styles combined with inherited traditional techniques. Together they reflect the various important eras of our recent history. The performance travels into the Palestinian memory portraying symbolic and important recurrent images from the Ottoman and British colonial times as well as the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestine.

A letter To 2007

El-Funoun Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe,

A Letter To…is a dance production inspired by the caricature “Handala”, the brainchild of Palestinian artist Naji Al Ali. In memory of Naji Al Ali, El-Funoun’s production is a contemporary adaptation of his caricature through dance as a reflection of the past, present and future of life in the Arab World depicting corruption, lack of freedom, and oppression.

Raqsit Shamis 2006

A dance production inspired by timeless Arab-Palestinian heritage that strikes a delicate balance between modernity and heritage. Raqsit Shamis blends themes of love, harvest, praying for rain, nostalgia, flirtation and defiance.  Based on major repertoire by El-Funoun, its music has been re-arranged and dance has been re-choreographed for this production which mainly addresses the young generation of Palestine.


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