DVD Talla Wara Talla 1994.

 “Talla Wara Talla” was presented as a collection of some newly interpreted old dances and some novel, dances and songs that carried substantial elements of change.


DVD Haifa Beirut and Beyond  2003

By revisiting Palestinian modern history in this work, El-Funoun hopes to contribute to the undergoing process of reformulating Palestinian cultural identity.

Support El-Funoun

Since its establishment, El-Funoun has been proudly relying on its own resources to finance its running costs often reaching up to 100%.  This has been possible through sales from tickets of its performances, CDs’, DVDs and calendars. In addition, Sida has been supporting El-Funoun’s productions and its community outreach activities since 1997.  Finally, El-Funoun has launched its sponsorship” packages program in 2009 attracting individuals and private local businesses that encourage cultural activities in Palestine.


Bare’em already has a rich track record of two major productions and hundreds of performances locally and internationally:



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